Massage for sciatica the lumbar at home video

Massage for sciatica is used to relieve pain and facilitate the patient's condition. With age, people have pain in the lumbar region, neck or thoracic spine. This is due to a decrease in the distance between the vertebrae, pinching the nerve endings in a result of sedentary lifestyle, injuries, physical exertion. Disorders of the spine accompanied by pain that interferes with normal lifestyle, so you need to use massage as a way to restore vitality, relieve pain.

massazh pri radikulite

Types of massage

The main types of massage to aid recovery of the body, with the goal of rehabilitation for sciatica include the following:

  • Classic;
  • Point;
  • Canned;
  • Thai;
  • Honey.

The classic version

Experts identify the most common form – classic back massage. For the prevention of diseases of the spine. Is carried out using the technique of rubbing with the palms of the hands, warming up the back muscles in the sciatica lumbar.

For best effect is in remission. The patient should feel a sense of relief with each subsequent procedure. Massage for sciatica is proposed for the rehabilitation of muscles of the spine, stimulating the nerve fibers. Time – one hour.


Be performed to stimulate nerve endings, improve blood circulation in the spine. Point movements of the fingers are made of pressure along the spinal canal. So it is possible to influence certain points on the pads of the fingers. The procedure allows to reduce the load on the spine, relieve muscle spasm, a painful shock. Is subject to aggravation. Point pressure during the procedure lasts about fifteen seconds. Then the session is repeated. Continue with the procedure lasts half an hour.


Banochnyj massazh

To treat sciatica can cupping massage. Affects the muscles of the back, contributing to their heating. It is necessary to conduct medical treatment by banks. This helps to prevent injuries. Banks are moving in a certain direction, the stimulation of the muscles, increases blood circulation, there is a feeling of heat in the back. Using the technique of heating used by banks in combination with drug treatment. Held for thirty minutes. The course of treatment is ten days.


Tajskij massazh

Is a graduate Thai massage using a special technique, a huge impact forces on the outer layers of the skin. The masseuse warms up the back muscles with strong movements of the hands along the lumbar-sacral spine.

It is necessary to conduct correct movement in order not to harm the patient. Is rubbing lateral and longitudinal muscles of the back with palms facing lateral movements. Circular movements should be done at least ten times.

This technique allows you to improve blood flow, relieve tension in the back muscles, improve General condition. Held for hours.


Medovyj massazh

Is carried out using the technique of heating the skin of the back as the preparatory stage. The main point is the rubbing into the skin a small amount of honey for deep heating of the muscles massaged. To achieve the desired effect of the med should be gray. Now more and more actively used for sciatica. The patient after the end of the session feels much better, there is a surge of strength and vigor in the body. The session is held for hours for ten days.

Why do you need massage

The necessity of application is very important for patients during remission, an importantfor the prevention of sciatica. There is a need for both therapeutic and preventive massage using various techniques that helps to restore the spine as a whole:

  • Valid for muscles across back;
  • Helps to improve blood circulation;
  • Reduces the load on the entire spine;
  • Allows to perform all possible physical stress;
  • Contributes to the restoration of back muscles;
  • Affects muscle tone;
  • Allows you to adjust your posture.

Correctly adjusted techniques can improve the human condition, to coordinate the work of the spine. The first procedures should be carried out according to the recommendations of the doctor. Gentle movement should be manageable with a consequent increase in the strength of the movement and orientation in later times.

You should not resort to sharp jolts, strong sudden movements and pressure on the vertebral processes.

For gradual adaptation should be at least ten sessions in a row. Then, depending on the selected techniques and methods of application of massage may be repeated in six months. Gradually increasing the speed and force of movements to save people from such disease as sciatica.

The application of the techniques in practice

massazh pri radikulite

Depending on the shape and course of the disease is assigned treatment to improve the condition. The basic techniques can be applied to the area of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine. The session lasts from fifteen minutes to an hour depending on the types of massage. Specialist employs all the techniques that are comfortable and painless for the patient.

Acute pain should avoid using the power of massage.

A professional massage therapist will put on your feet for ten sessions. In this regard, required the application of several techniques. You need to do everything possible to cure sciatica. Among the main techniques of massage professionals are the following:

  • Rubbing the palms of the hands;
  • Kneading Cams;
  • Point of pressure from the fingers;
  • Smooth and sharp movement side of the palm.

Starts the execution of the session using the technique of rubbing. Is performed gradually in order to relax the body. The main point is the direction of flow of lymph of the human blood. With each subsequent time the massage is stronger. Depending on where it shoots sciatica in a patient, the following applies technique of massage.

The classic view used in remission for all departments of the spine. For the thoracic spine it is convenient to apply the technique of rubbing and kneading with the sides of the palms. Point technique useful with sciatica of the lumbosacral spine.

The massage procedure is vital for patients with the chronic form of the disease.

As practice shows, for many patients with sciatica massage is required. Due to the special techniques of its therapeutic effect helps to once and for all cure sciatica even in those patients who suffer from sciatica for years.