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Back pain when coughing in the blades, back, causes, treatment

When a person has back pain in the blades when coughing, there may be several reasons. But instead of to identify the origin of pain and begin proper treatment, the patient begins to take pain pills without a prescription. It is not only an irresponsible act but also very dangerous, as the painkillers will be overwritten by the symptoms and the true cause of pain remains hidden. Where do I start treatment? To find out why when you cough back pain, it is necessary to consult a qualified professional.

Bolit spina v oblasti lopatok pri kashle

The cause of the pain

Back pain when coughing signals that the body has failed to work in the digestive organs, lungs, or musculoskeletal system. Spin is a significant part of the body. In this area there are bodies of the utmost importance: heart, lungs and kidneys. Therefore, the cause of the spasms need to figure out is mandatory.

If the patient has back pain when you cough, its sources are:

  • Injuries to the thorax or spine;
  • The excess mental or physical stress;
  • Pleurisy;
  • Myositis;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Cancer;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Diseases of the heart, kidneys, joints;
  • Disease of the digestive system.

In the second half of pregnancy in women often appear spasms in the lower back. This is due to the restructuring of the pregnant body. They occur during movements and body position changes, the lumbar stops hurting.


Lung disease, such as pleurisy, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or bronchitis, there is pain in back when coughing. Cosplays, pleura increase in size. When a person commits a breath, they touch each other, what is the cause of pain under the shoulder blades. The patient has fever, lack of appetite, shortness of breath, cough and back pain. Pleurisy can be caused by infectious inflammation, but also rheumatism, had surgery, injury, stroke or pulmonary pancreatitis.


Often cause pain when cough is an inflammatory process in skeletal muscles that is designated by the medical term myositis. With metabolic disorders, hypothermia, physical stress or the transferred stress. Back pain between the shoulder blades occurs while driving or during inhalation. The patient is unable to move, hard to breathe, feels pain when he swallows food.

Internal organs

Pain occurs when the lesion of the digestive organs when the pressure is on (gall bladder, the stomach, liver, Appendix or pancreas) increases when I inhale. A worrying sign is the case, when suddenly a sudden heart attack. The spasm can give cough in the back. If you ignore this disease, the consequence is myocardial infarction.

How does the test work

In the course of diagnosis and treatment of the patient should be directed to professionals such as:

  • Cardiologist;
  • Neurologist;
  • The radiologist;
  • Doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics;
  • A pulmonologist.

Diagnosis consists of a number of surveys including:

  • The inspection specialist and establishing the symptoms on the basis of a survey of physician;
  • Radiography of the spine and thorax;
  • Electrocardiography;
  • Ultrasound examination of internal organs;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Fibrogastroduodenoskopiya;
  • Laboratory examination of urine and blood.

During the examination, the physician discovers during any time the patient experiences pain, discovers the nature of pain and their intensity. Examines the spine does curve. Special attention is paid to the kind of cough is it dry or wet. Then passes laboratory tests of blood and urine. The blood indicates the presence or absence of inflammation in the body, and the urine, the condition of the kidneys.

Complex therapy

After the necessary research specialist conducts therapy. To eliminate spasms can cure the disease, which was the source of the disease. For this need long time and complex therapy. In some cases is not ruled out surgical intervention.

If the cough is accompanied painful sensations, the treatment is analgesics, which are introducedintramuscularly or taken orally. Revocation of inflammation and improve blood flow in muscular tissue tissues, use a warming cream for local effects on the sore area. To ensure the expectoration of phlegm and facilitate breathing expectorants medications and herbal preparations.

If the spasm gives on the left side of the back, the reason is precordial syndrome. This situation is very dangerous, indicates preinfarction condition. Therefore, therapy is conducted under the supervision of a cardiologist who prescribes drugs based on tolerability of medications for patients. Usually medications contain nitroglycerin, which not only blocks pain but also helps to restore the cardiac system.

Diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract are the source of the spasms not only in the back, but in the lumbar region. To eliminate the disease, used drugs that help restore intestinal flora. This procedure can take up to six months or longer. For pain relief, use antispasmodics, which are taken by patient to improvement. They are often prescribed throughout the course that the treatment was more productive.

Sometimes the cause may be a pneumothorax (presence of air in the pleural cavity). In most cases it is caused by chest trauma. And can also be the result of pneumonia or respiratory diseases. Treatment is by surgery, and is accompanied by a drug that contributes to the contiguity of the lungs to the chest.

When the spasms caused due to kidney problems, the treatment of disease deals with the nephrologist. Complex therapy is carried out under the strict supervision of the attending physician, if necessary, he can change the medication for more effective drugs or to carry out additional diagnostics.

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If you have backache, seek the help of a specialist to be diagnosed and to start treatment. Spasms under the shoulder blades caused by dangerous diseases that require timely treatment. There are times when the patient is long to go to the doctor, ignoring the pain symptoms and then the disease progresses so much that is difficult to treat.