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Pain in the shoulders and neck, radiates to shoulder, what it is, causes, treatment

Pain in shoulders and neck is familiar to people of all ages, leading an active or passive lifestyle. Reasons why pain in my shoulders and neck. Some minor, others require urgent medical intervention, so you need time to find out the source and get rid of possible negative consequences.

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The disease manifests itself with one side of the neck, gradually moving to the shoulder area. A person loses the ability painless a head-turning, arm movement. Over time, severe pain in the neck and the shoulder locks the joints, growing, and seeking. Strengthening of pain at the movement, the transition to the upper limb so that the disease progresses.

Most often the problem starts with symptoms:

  • Numb the shoulder or neck;
  • Unpleasant, nagging feeling in the neck or upper extremities;
  • Joints crack or snap;
  • Muscles are too tight;
  • Pain limiting movement;
  • Muscles are sore, inflamed;
  • There is heaviness and burning in the neck;
  • Hurts the neck and shoulder region, on both left and right sides;
  • Pain while in the cold;
  • Severe pain when rotated or lifted head;
  • Trouble with ligament pain.


There are two versions of why there is a pain in the neck and shoulder: changes the anatomy of the structure and then penetrating pain from diseases of different organs.

  • In the first embodiment, pain is exposed to the area of the cervical spinal column, shoulder joint, muscle, skeletal, nerve fibers, blood vessels. Pathology is reflected in the bodies, involving others, showing a standard clinical chart.
  • The second variant – problems with the heart and gallbladder disease, has been cast in the arm, shoulder or neck.

The identification of the causes of pain in the cervical spine, radiating to the shoulder, put his trust in the specialist and not the patient. Part of pathologies require immediate transfer to hospital surgeons and physicians, at times, required intensive care.

Pathology of the shoulders and neck

The area of the cervical spine, including the channels of the spinal cord, the bones of the girdle of upper extremities, shoulder joints, many muscle is the neck area. The main and largest muscle – the trapezius, whose branches spread throughout the area part of the neck and surrounding organs. The area around the spine contains many blood vessels, cervical plexus nerve tissue.

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Artery that delivers blood cells to the brain, located in the channel with recesses transverse processes of the vertebrae of the neck, called the vertebral artery (left or right).

Muscle departments

Muscles pain in the neck connected with the shoulder, arise from a long stay in one position uncomfortable positions. Neck and shoulder pain in office employees, people behind the counter, programmers, artists, and scholars. Choosing this type of training, lead a passive way of life, a little walking, many hours sitting at the easel, computer and other things. If the shoulder hurts, gives to the neck or Vice versa after sitting too long in one place, help a simple warm-up and walk away from any serious treatments of the question.

The intervertebral cartilage

Pain in the cervical spine are due to osteochondrosis. To treat such disease is necessary not only to adults but also to young people. The degenerative process occurs in the connective tissue of the spine. Changes of the cartilage covering leads to the displacement of the vertebrae relative to each other, which is called spondylolisthesis.

Pain in the cervical spine be the result of the crumbling of the cartilage between the vertebrae, herniated or lock the vertebrae, the growth of tissuebones, forming spikes – osteophytes. The process in which nerve roots are compressed, inflamed tissue, there is pain in the neck and shoulders, successfully treated.

Joint of shoulder

Pain in shoulder and neck – the result of arthritis of the shoulder joint or periarthritis – inflammation of the tissues around the joint without destruction of the capsule. When inflamed shoulder joint, may radiate to the neck in the affected joint. Rare in rheumatoid arthritis, where the involvement in the painful process of the joints between the vertebrae. There is a tumor, the skin reddens, becomes hot, there is severe limitation of motion.

When there is pain in the neck, but no desire to turn to professionals and want to engage in self-treatment, it is important to remember that the joints of the shoulder when the inflamed rheumatoid arthritis severe last stages are not curable, and the patient becomes unable to care for themselves, acquiring a disability.

The brachial plexus nerves take part in the exposure of the shoulder, pass on the neck area and give the back of the head. Subacute course of the disease is poorly expressed, there is a nagging pain between his neck and shoulder.

Articular movements are limited, as in the variant with arthritis, but the inflammation is not pronounced, and treated the pathology well. To determine the problems of joint use of ultrasonic devices. In special cases, arthroscopy is performed. It allows you to perform additional treatment steps, such as entering medications for getting rid of inflammation in the joints.

Artery spine

When you understand the cause of pain in the cervical spine is difficult, it is evidence of the vertebral artery syndrome. Barely is accompanied by severe pain, but a headache, noise in the ears, decreased quality of vision, these fainting spells.

The doctors are confused with dystonia, prescribed prolonged courses of treatment, but her health continues to deteriorate rapidly. Violations occur related to the cerebral circulation. To identify the cause, getting an MRI, establish the exact cause and severity.

Diseases of internal organs

Writing off the problem appeared to low back pain, people are accepted for treatment by themselves or neglect their own health, not referring to the doctors. Pathology progressing, and the pain, the cause of which is the disease of the internal organ, gives in the shoulder or neck.

Angina is manifested as compressive crushing pain in the chest near the heart. Shortness of breath, appearing during physical exertion, is at rest. Physicians confronted with cases when the patient felt pain in left shoulder and neck in pain and nothing else. It is not felt in the upper limbs, no tingling heart, ECG reveals ischemic changes. When the use of nitroglycerin pain is confirmed by the presence of the disease.

Myocardial infarction

Dangerous disease, myocardial infarction, manifested in human sudden shortness of breath at complete rest, the area behind the rib cage is accompanied by unbearable burning sensation. The patient describes pain in the neck, shoulder on the left side. Anxiety, perspiration of the forehead, shortness of breath – satellites pathology. If damage to the heart muscle is extensive, occurs and increases pain and shock. The assistance must be timely and adequate, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Biliary colic

Pain in the cervical spine and right shoulder speaks of biliary colic, inherent in the people experiencing the hardships of cholelithiasis. When inflammation of the gallbladder, defragmenting nerve manifests reaction, it is called frenikus-symptom.

For violation of a menu and diet plan the use smoked, fried foods or foods with high fat, sick sick, vomiting, yellow sclera and skin jaundice. If you experience symptoms that require treatment in the hospital, help surgeons in the "cold period". Suspecting biliary peritonitis, operation is assigned and is done on an emergency basis.

Lung tumor syndrome Pancoast

Cancers of this region are rare, but you can not forget it, because the main manifestation is pain in the shoulder at the neck. The initial growth stage the cancer is palpable, to identify without professional help is not possible. After a while, growing and capturing the surrounding tissue, comes to the brachial plexus, the sympathetic nerve fibers located in the interval from the initial segment of the neck and ending with the cervical ganglia.

Symptoms occur in the form of a haunting eyeApple – anophthalma, pupil constriction – miosis, ptosis century – ptosis. Horner's syndrome is common in the affected tissues of the sympathetic nervous tissues of the neck. Man gets tired faster than before, losing weight rapidly, feeling a General weakness throughout the body. Cancer is difficult to cure, and will require a lot of time and effort, but success depends at what stage is the development of tumors. Doctors prescribe treatment in the form of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to help eliminate cancer cells.


When sore neck, it may seem that the reason for this stretched muscle or nerve zastuzheny. Access to a doctor, many put off, thinking, "all will pass". Practice shows that serious injuries are often hidden threat a disease that manifests later in a severe form.

Neck region contains many blood vessels that provide blood to the brain and nerve endings, which are easily zaselyalsya and damaged roots man. Pinching cause irreparable damage to the brain due to lack of supply.

oslozhneniya pri shejnom osteohondroze

Advanced form of degenerative disc disease leads to pulsating pain, because the vessels are compressed and appears essential hypertension, deteriorating health of the blood vessels, heart, eye drops, a man deaf and unable to coordinate movement of limbs and body in General.

A consequence of the flattened artery of the spine leads to cerebral ischemia, spinal stroke, which are frequently encountered in medical practice. Sciatica is another disease that is preceded by problems of blood vessels and arteries of the spine. Appears hernia, and the compression of the spinal cord results in paralysis and even be fatal.


To choose the medical therapy affects the patient's condition and type of the disease. The main task – to relieve inflammation and to eliminate pain. To avoid misdiagnosis, deterioration, do not run disease, it is important to abandon the self-treatment, folk remedies.


Used conservative methods that use drugs:

  • Chondroprotectors improve circulation ("Artrain", "teraflex");
  • Drugs, resolves inflammation, reduces edema ("Indometacin", "Meloxicam", "Diclofenac");
  • Analgesics that reduce pain ("Ketorol", "Analgin", "Berangin");
  • Antispasmodics, improve blood flow ("Mydocalm", "Trental");
  • Ointment and gel inflammatory process ("Diclocil", "Voltaren", "Nikofleks").

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Physical therapy

Treatments: treated mud, healing waters, doing acupuncture, magnetic therapy, electrophoresis is used.

  • Arthrosis and arthritis are treated with medicines from inflammatory processes, use of chondroprotectors. In advanced stages of the disease, prescribed analgesics and hormones, alleviating pain. Drugs administered intravenously or intramuscularly. If no result, replace the joint of the shoulder.
  • To remove the pain from the injury, apply ice cubes wrapped in a cloth, but if the pain is unbearable, use of analgesics.
  • Cure for inflammation used in the shoulder. Doctors prescribe ointments for local application.
  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine are treated, doing massage, doing exercise and doing physiotherapy. The chronic form requires the repetition of courses.