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Back pain during pregnancy third trimester, what to do, than to treat

Women are often a sore back in pregnancy in the third trimester, which is a consequence of the increased load on the lower back. Diseases of the musculoskeletal pain is greatly enhanced. A woman's body prepares for childbirth, which are a serious burden. In the process of fetal development the body undergoes many changes – primarily hormonal changes and the composition of the blood, there is a rearrangement of metabolism. The whole body works to maintain a correct development of the fetus. It is very important at this point to maintain the body.

Bolit spina pri beremennosti v tretem trimestre

Some diseases of the back and pelvis can lead to the inability to give birth naturally. It is very important to consider because a wrong childbirth can cause serious complications both for the woman and for the fetus. It should not neglect the treatment to the doctor, because it may be worth one or even two lives.

The cause of the pain

Back pain during pregnancy is a natural reaction of the lower back for increased severity. Small fruit weight is from 3 kilograms to 5, is significant for the spine. The most important is the last quarter – 3 weeks before expected birth. The body starts to produce substances that prepare the body for childbirth. First of all it concerns the joints – they soften and become more flexible. It affects mainly anterior pelvic have anastomoses between the pubic bones and the iliac-sacral joints.

Softening they allow the pelvis to move apart wider, facilitating the exit of the fetus. When there is insufficient width childbirth can be complicated, preventing the free exit of the fetus from the uterus. However, the softening of the joints partially affects all the surrounding organs – articular discs of the spine weaken, the vertebrae shrink. This could be the impetus to the development of degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. Processes are fast and develop in the course of life, but if you have them before pregnancy they can be unpleasant to occur in the last trimester. A pregnant woman can be very ache back, obligasi only during sleep.

son beremennoj

Another important factor is the position of women during sleep. Sometimes, characteristics of the organism cause a person to sleep on their backs – the fetus begins to put pressure on the lower back. Prolonged compression or squashing of the nerves can cause pain at the level of lumbar and sacral plexus. Back hurts usually after waking up.

The main diseases of the back in the last month of pregnancy, the doctors include:

  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Scoliosis;
  • Intervertebral hernia.


Osteochondrosis is a pathological change in the tissues of the vertebrae starts to grow cartilage and connective tissue. Its development leads to pinching of nerve roots that cause pain. In advanced stages may develop damage to the nerve plexus, causing negative consequences for the whole organism. Causes of degenerative disc disease is the obesity, lack of physical exercise or gymnastics, and unhealthy diet.

At the time of pregnancy, a woman often gaining excess body weight due to the hormonal changes and disruption of normal balance of power towards the recruitment of adipose tissue.


It is not necessary to say that, during pregnancy a woman cannot do gymnastics. If the disease before the pregnancy was in its initial stage, then to the last months it will become noticeable and will give a lot of pain. Treatment unfortunately, you can't start, because they can cause developmental disorders. In the most extreme cases, if the disease begins to critically injure the spinal cord, one had to perform a caesarean section to ensure the fetus safety in order to subsequently carry out an operation to release the spinal cord. Damage can cause permanent disability and dysfunction of internal organs.


Scoliosis develops in adolescence, when the spine is most flexible and soft. In therapy at this time, the spine often leveled and the disease passes without consequences.However, ignoring medical instructions, and pass examinations, scoliosis develops unnoticed until the second or third degree.

Bol ot skolioza pri beremennosti

Pain from scoliosis during pregnancy develops because of damage to the surrounding tissue. Under the weight of the lumbar part due to the child's scoliosis is progressing strongly, touching the nerve tissue, disrupting the spinal cord. Because of damage to arteries can begin as fetal hypoxia – the baby will die without enough oxygen.

To treat scoliosis preferably before pregnancy, however, if you cannot do this, you need to carry out maintenance therapy through to birth. You can then conduct the drug therapy, the use of a corset. It is important to avoid in that state of malnutrition of the muscles of the back, otherwise the scoliosis is progressing strongly, and put the child's life at risk.

Disc herniation

Intervertebral hernia is a rupture or weakening of the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc, which inhibits purposee core. On the disk there are small bumps, similar to hernia of car wheels. They affect the nervous tissue of the spinal cord and cause pain. The pain is worse because of the high body weight and fetus during pregnancy.

Mezhpozvonochnaya gryzha pri beremennosti

Condition is acute and requires therapy, because with a strong hernias doctors decide on C-section at 37-38 weeks for the health of the fetus, then the task is being strengthened through the fibrous ring.

If a caesarean is unacceptable, try using anti-inflammatory and pain medications, are valid for admission during pregnancy, in order to remove this painful syndrome and to alleviate the human condition to an acceptable condition. This allows you to keep the fetus and give birth successfully to a woman.


All therapy back pain during the last trimester is absolutely conservative, i.e., eliminate surgery. This ensures maximum health for the fetus because the drugs used in anesthesia. Anticoagulants, which are required for post-operative rehabilitation cause critical harm to a child is not normally allowed to form his brain.

To conservative treatment available to pregnancy include massage, and therapeutic exercises. They are not always act immediately, but help to relieve the pain in the long run. Important stage at which therapy is initiated that imposes on the individual the requirement for timely treatment to the doctor.