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Back pain in the supine position on a hard surface

For the first time confronted with the occurrence of back pain, you need to give the muscles to rest, in most cases, bed rest leads to a decrease in pain. In the case that back pain lying down does not stop or become more intense, you need to urgently seek advice of a doctor. These symptoms may indicate a serious condition not only of the spine and internal organs.

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Causes of pain in the spine

There are 2 main types that affect the appearance of the "night" back pain lying on your back. The first and most common is a typical discomfort associated with the wrong choice of the bed or prolonged physical exertion. Second, with more complex, severe diseases of internal organs, joints, bones. The first kind does not apply to severe forms of the disease and anyone can get sick. The main reasons are:

  • Severe fatigue associated with higher physical activity throughout the day;
  • Not properly chosen a bed (too hard or soft mattress);
  • Too often stay in the supine position or posture during sleep;
  • Pregnancy in the later stages.

In the second case, the presence of intense pain in the night time, indicates a serious problem requiring immediate medical intervention, namely:

  • Scoliosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis in the later stages of the disease;
  • Rheumatism/arthritis;
  • Cancer of internal organs in the later stages;
  • A contagious viral disease of bone and internal organs;
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis;
  • Diseases of the urinary tract, liver, heart and kidneys;
  • Fractures of varying severity of the spine, pelvis and sacrum.

Painful sensations are divided into:

  • "Dull" slow pain in the lower back indicates a problem with the urinary system, also on the congestion of the muscular system;
  • Point pain syndrome - arthritis or rheumatism;
  • Especially dangerous is strong shooting pain accompanied with high body temperature, can talk about the cancer of internal organs;
  • Cramping pain, often shows pregnancy;
  • Pain "shooting" to the side, occur after long lying in an uncomfortable position;
  • If pain in the lower back lying down, and the pain is "shooting", that can mean excessive exercise;
  • If back pain lying down night, and the feeling of impact on the lower limbs or buttocks, can talk about rheumatism.

Why back pain and lower back at night? Similar symptoms can be a signal that the human body is a chronic disease that people a long time did not notice. Patterns of disease pain:

  • Pain localized in the lumbar region can speak about the problems of the pelvic organs (uterus for women) or fractures;
  • Localization in the abdominal region, tells about possible violations in the internal organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Pain in the thoracic region, speaks about the possible problems of the heart or lungs;
  • In the cervical spine indicates arthrosis, scoliosis and other bone deformation.

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Diagnosis pain

Problems pain in back the spine is engaged! After listening to patient's complaints and visual inspection of the spine, using light massage movements, spine prescribe the following procedures:

  • To exclude disease of fracture of the vertebral elements will need to undergo x-rays;
  • To diagnose the condition of muscles, prescribe MRI;
  • A standard urine/blood will give an overall picture of the inflammatory processes and the condition of the urinary tract;
  • To exclude a pinched spinal nerve tissue, you will need to consult with neurologist;
  • An EKG to determine the heart activities*.

After completing all the above procedures, there may be additional directions to the gynecologist/gastroenterologist for the diagnosis of cancer.

The treatment of back pain

Treatment a doctor prescribes strictly individually, after passing all the tests. Treatment of back pain has a complex nature, which includes the intake of drugs. Additionally, assignedpreventive and curative therapy, with the use of exercise stretching of the intervertebral discs and muscles, hirudotherapy, acupuncture, swimming, and completion of special courses massage. In addition to physician-recommended treatments, you need to take measures to prevent "spinal" diseases.

Additional preventive measures include:

  • Mandatory wearing of a special corset tightening;
  • Complete exclusion of physical activity;
  • Reduced time spent in bed. Bed rest is prescribe only in complex spine, for example, a fracture.

Medical treatment involves administration of the following drugs:

  • Medications anti-inflammatory (Ibuprofen or Aspirin);
  • Anaesthetic group (Nimesil, Solpadein, Spazmalgon);
  • Multivitamin group of drugs;
  • Drugs in maintaining and strengthening bone and cartilage of the belt, for maintaining the overall health of the spine.

In the case of cancer, the patient is assigned to a completely different treatment, including chemotherapy treatments.

Self-treatment is strictly prohibited, as improper dosage and medication that may cause deterioration of the body!

The prevention of pain

To prevent diseases of the spine and internal organs, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It is possible to buy a pillowtop mattress and sleep on it, including a pillow;
  • Follow proper posture when walking and at the table;
  • Not to overeat, to keep the correct proportions of the body, to prevent obesity;
  • Walking in orthopedic shoes, except walking in high heels more than 2 hours a day;
  • When driving up a little squat, but not to bend;
  • Join a group yoga or other therapeutic exercises;
  • Periodically change the position of the body and the load on the spine (shifting from foot to foot);
  • Avoid prolonged wearing of uncomfortable shoes (high heels or narrow shoes);
  • Prevention proper nutrition from problems with the spine, includes the metered consumption of salt and foods with high percentage of minerals.
  • Water to drink only well-filtered and qualitative;
  • It's possible to enjoy a massage to increase blood circulation and removing muscle "clips". Especially in the neck and shoulder of the housing;
  • Additionally, take a multivitamin complexes for strengthening bone and cartilage and improve metabolism;
  • Regular visits to the bath or sauna.

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If you experience pain in the spine/back, it is better to seek help from doctors. This pain syndrome may portend major disease with severe consequences! The sooner you start treatment, the easier and painless it will be to get rid of back pain.