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Sore neck and back, dizzy, what to do, causes, treatment

The patient is complaining of pain in the neck and head, very rarely can determine what the root of the problem. Severe pain may find attacks or torture constantly. One thing remains unchanged – when it hurts the back of the head, can not delay a visit to the doctor. Only a qualified technician can figure out and understand where the symptoms, and where the real diagnosis.

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The cause of the pain

  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

The most common problem. The vertebrae in the neck are constantly in motion and poorly protected. Osteochondrosis of the spoils and distorts intervertebral discs, each of which is associated with any authority. Due to degenerative changes in the bones of the neck and starts to hurt the back of his head. Initially, symptoms are mild, the neck just shoots the sharp movements. Beginning to feel numbness, loss of sensation the fingers of the upper extremities. Pain as if pulling the head. But over time the pain becomes more pronounced and diverse.

Tormented by pain, radiating to the head, sometimes close to dizziness. Patient hard to turn my head because of the stupid, clenching pain.

Low back pain creates a dull pain in the head and the neck of the people leading a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. Pain in the neck and nape often have symptoms pointing to accidental causes, such as degenerative disc disease often accompanied by migraine cervical region and the vascular spasms.

  • Pinched nerve.

At the root of vertebral pain usually anyhow is a pinched nerve. Pain in the neck and the nape of the neck is manifested due to pinched nerve endings in the cervical spine. Clamp it maybe because of different problems – herniated discs, osteophytes, changes in position of the vertebrae, their protrusions. Pain throbbing, unable to give in the temporal area.

  • Hypertension.

The disease makes itself felt in the morning immediately after the patient woke up. It is felt that the pain bursting from the inside, putting pressure on the temporal area. Can affect the eyes and eyebrows, worsen time vision and hearing.

  • Spasm of the vessels of the head.

If it hurts in the neck and head, the reasons may lie in the spasms of brain vessels. Such spasms can cause excruciating pain, too much expanding or narrowing the vessels. A seizure can last from a day to a couple days. Weather-sensitive people are affected by this issue. The spasm may begin in the early morning and continue until late in the evening, simultaneously turning into cervical migraine. The symptoms remind neuralgia of the occipital nerve: pain is throbbing, it goes into your ears, it becomes hard to open eyes. When sneezing or movements of the head ache become stronger. The patient responds to strong stimuli of sight and hearing.

  • Neuralgia of the occipital nerve.

A familiar guest at patients with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. Pain affects a vast area – ears, eyes, ENT-organs. To start to whine in the lower jaw, a feeling, like a toothache. The noise and feeling of compression, clicks in the ears. Sore neck, gives the neck, sometimes in the thoracic and lumbosacral spine. The root of neuralgia may be different problems – infections, hypothermia and any nerve stimuli.

  • Mihalos.

The so-called strong seal muscles near the cervical region of the spine. The reason usually in the wrong posture, hypothermia, head and neck, infection. Initially, it feels discomfort, flowing neck, painful when moving. It soon becomes worse, a sore neck at the back and the back of the head is also experiencing similar sensations.

The patient instinctively assumes the pose, which feels a relief.

  • Spondylosis.

This name are a deformation of the spine. Usually found in elderly people experiencing negative age-related changes in cartilage of the neck. At risk are the people leading a sedentary life, working at the computer. In spondylosis cartilage become thinner, they the body grows bone. These tissues develop into growths of bone, deforming vertebrae. The result is pinched nerves and neuralgia.

  • Stress and muscle tension.

If it hurts in the neck, the causes sometimes lie in the strong negative emotion or maintaining incorrect position of the body for debt time. The neck is well protected from tension. But how long isin an awkward or static posture, it is impossible – so, too long watching TV, lying down, leaning on the arm. Even a bad pillow can cause the development aching pain.

Stress and nervous tension can cause a pinched nerve or muscle spasms in the neck. As a consequence of suffering cerebral blood flow, the pain appear.


Treatment of pain in the neck and neck exercises a neurologist. Don't get carried away with self-treatment until you hear the recommendations and the diagnosis of a specialist. You can only relieve the symptoms, and the disease thus will soon be back with a vengeance. To reduce inflammation in the neck is possible with drugs such as ibuprofen or diclofenac. If the attack was sudden, breathe in the fresh air or just air the room. Take a horizontal position and relax. If you feel stressed – try to relax. Massage the area of localization of pain.

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Physical therapy and massage

Will help treat pain in the back of the head physiotherapists and masseurs. Electrophoresis has the ability to improve blood flow to tired muscles and removes lactic acid unfavorable. The warming massage of the neck and thoracic spine will also be to treat pain in the back.

When the cause of pain in osteochondrosis, pay attention to exercise therapy.

If you need to relieve occipital pain, start to pull and relax the cervical musculature:

  1. Sit on a hard seat with backrest, but don't touch her back;
  2. Take the head in the palm of your hand, applying slight pressure with your thumbs on the cheekbones, and the other is in the occipital region;
  3. Bowing his head back, fingers lightly press on it;
  4. In this position, are about six seconds and then relax and lean on the backrest;
  5. Perform the exercise several times.

Services of a chiropractor will help relax the back muscles. But if it hurts the cervical, or neck, be sure to get approval of the attending physician to conduct manual therapy. The specialist will also prescribe the necessary vitamins and warming gels, accelerating blood flow.

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Traditional methods

Regular oregano can help to relieve muscle spasm and strengthens weak blood vessels. Just drink the brewed potion. The leaves of lovage tend to bring relief for neck tension. When a sore neck or occipital region, apply the compress. Chop the leaves and brew in boiling water, let cool, wrap in gauze, put on top of the cellophane wrap. Take cover cold.


In order of prevention of inflammatory processes also consume more omega-3 fatty acids. Many fatty fish contain them. If you have a sitting work and you are constantly working at the computer, no wonder a headache in the occipital region and neck. With such a way of life, try to take frequent small breaks, slightly knead the back and often get up for a couple of minutes. Do not neglect physical therapy and mild sports exercises.

Keep track of your weight. Excess weight exacerbates the disease of the spine because extra weight stresses the spine, change the metabolism for the worse.

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When occipital pain becomes chronic, change your lifestyle, stop drinking alcohol and Smoking. Bad habits are extremely adversely affect the condition of blood vessels and cerebral circulation. Get enough sleep. Sleep at least seven hours, use a suitable bed and pillow. The bed should be of medium hardness, consist of natural materials.