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Shots from sciatica: Movalis, diclofenac, milgamma

The disease is accompanied by inflammation of the nerves of the spinal cord resulting from being pinched in the vertebral discs called sciatica. Occurs sciatica with severe pain in which all human activities are very difficult. The disease is treated effectively, most importantly, timely diagnosis and integrated approach. In the initial stages effective tablet form of treatment, but in the case of neglect of the disease and the presence of strong intense pain is most appropriate to apply injections from sciatica.

Obezbolivaushie ukoly

Anaesthetic group shots

Painkillers for sciatica that are designed to relieve pain and inflammation of the nerves of the spinal cord. For this widely used vitamin therapy, procaine blockade, muscle relaxants, non-steroidal and steroid drugs.


In the treatment of sciatica injections are widely used vitamins. Without these vitamins can not be normal metabolism and the natural functioning of nerve cells, for example:

  • B1, is involved in the regeneration of damaged nerve roots and endings;
  • "B6", increases the protective functions of the organism, contributes to the harmonization of the immune system;
  • "B12", promotes tissue regeneration at the cellular level.

The most popular drugs are "Used" and "Milgamma". Both tools require the course and have virtually no side effects.

Novokainovye blokady pri radikulite

Procaine blockade

To remove sharp and severe pain in the shortest time possible novocaine blockade. To do this, enter the required amount of drug intramuscularly to the area affected area of the nerve, this is not to hurt the spinal cord or nerve. This method works almost instantly, but briefly.

An injection of "Novocaine" is valid for about 1 hour, then need another procedure – this is the main drawback of this method. Suitable only for emergency analgesia, not suitable for permanent cure.

Muscle relaxants

Medications designed to relax spastic muscles of the vertebral skeleton. Composition of muscle relaxants acts directly on the Central nervous system, gradually reducing muscular arousal and spasms. Drugs have an increased efficiency, so they are prescribed to patients is mandatory. The impact of muscle relaxants on the body:

  • Relieve or acts as a local anesthetic;
  • Blocks the sensitivity of the nerves and spinal reflexes;
  • Increases blood circulation to spazmirovannah the site;
  • Blocks the nerve endings, acting on relaxing the whole body.

Miorelaksant midokalm pri radikulite

The most common muscle relaxants:

  • Mydocalm is the most necessary preparation, are designated as vital with sciatica, any degree. Its popularity owes to the two active substances, tolperisone hydrochloride and lidocaine. The first component that actively affects the nerve endings of the spinal cord, blocking unwanted reflexes gradually relaxing the muscles. The second component, operates on the principle of local anesthesia, to treat any pain.
  • Sirdalud or Methocarbamol operate on the principle Midokalma, as they have a similar structure, where core consists of a hydrochloride tolperisone.

Steroid injections

Steroid group of drugs necessary for enhanced metabolism and proper synthesis of protein amino acids. This feature gives the opportunity to reduce or eliminate the inflammation near the pinched nerve. All these drugs consist of the active ingredients of the hydrocortisone, allowing in the shortest terms to increase blood circulation, gradually relieving inflammation. Appoint from sciatica injections locally, and usually 1 time. When radiculitis appointed:

  • Hydrocortisone – relieves local inflammation, reduces swelling, has antistresovymi features and sharp pain.
  • Dexamethasone – also, eliminates inflammation, reduces swelling and is anti-allergen.
  • Kenalog – antidepressant, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory agent with a distinct pharmacology.

Non-steroidal injections

The main functions of the non-steroidal drugs are pain relief and relieve inflammation with the affected areas of the spinal cord. Asteroidy have the same properties as steroids but with fewer side effects. Be wary of themprescribed to people with heart or renal insufficiency and patients with disorders in the area of the digestive tract. The fact that non-steroidal injections, tend to raise the pH level in the stomach, which may aggravate the gastrointestinal tract. Non-steroidal drugs are divided into:

  • Selective – can inhibit cyclooxygenase in the blood;
  • Non-selective – able to suppress cyclooxygenase in both forms (blood and stomach);
  • Coxib – affect the inhibition of blood enzyme without affecting the gastric.

Nesteroidnye ukoly pri radikulite

The most popular drugs in this group:

  • Movalis is an analgesic, antipyretic drug with anti-inflammatory function. The action of the drug is achieved at the expense of meloxicam;
  • Ambene – effectively relieves any inflammation and pain that sometimes is used as a solution for injection. Composition such that in addition to treating the consequences of diseases of sciatica, the drug is effective at preventing the causes of disease. It is strictly forbidden to use for pregnant and lactating women. Administered medication 3 R. in ned., often through the day;
  • Diclofenac – not a bad analgesic with potent anti-inflammatory action. Prescribe Diclofenac injections Kursova as one-off techniques are ineffective.
  • Dikloberl – antipyretic with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Assign intramuscularly, prolonged treatment, but the injection made once. Next, move on to other forms of drug – candles, pills;
  • Xefocam or Ketonal – both drugs are powerful analgesics, with pronounced antipyretic properties. The first tool is the active substance acts to lornoxicam, and the second – Ketoprofen.

Drug type 'Opiates'

Are assigned only in extreme cases, when other means are powerless. Are injected only by medical staff in a specialized clinic. It is recommended Opium, Promedon, Methadone or others.

Narkoticheskie sredstva tipa «Opiaty» protiv radikulita

Complementary therapy

In addition to injection therapy, the doctor prescribes a special diet, medical gymnastics, massage. With care prescribe the means includes tolperison – overdose can cause seizures, convulsions of the extremities, arrhythmias or coronary heart disease. Duration of treatment depends on the patient's age, immunity and the development of sciatica. With the introduction of injections of muscle relaxants, is to release the solution very slowly.

It is necessary with care to combine muscle relaxants with steroids. If it is not correct to combine the drugs may develop an allergic reaction. The perfect combination is considered, the combination of "Mydocalm"/"Serdarot".

Primenenie ukolov ot radikulita

In the treatment of sciatica with pronounced pain syndrome, it is permissible to use injectable blockade. After release pain have injections with different etiology. It is not rare in patients with sciatica there is insomnia or depression. In these cases it is necessary to prescribe sedatives, antidepressants sometimes. Most medical drugs have serious contraindications. Using them without a doctor's prescription, is strictly prohibited. Self-injection for sciatica can lead to serious pathologies of the body.