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Was shot in the lower back – what to do at home treatment of folk remedies

 A healthy spine provides a comfortable work of all organs and systems of the body. Functional operation of the spine is often broken for various reasons. Frequent problems with the spinal column causes lumbago. Lumbago is a disease that presents a variety of disorders that can provoke the appearance of pain.

Prostrelilo poyasnicu chto delat v domashnih usloviyah

In lumbago there is a rapid in the lower back, which can be to last for several hours. So if got shot in the back, everyone should know what to do at home. The most common cause of lumbago is lifting heavy objects, prolonged exposure to one position, the presence of degenerative disorders in articular cartilage.

Treatment at home

Lumbago does not require treatment in hospital. Most often the patient is recommended the treatment at home, which may be accompanied by outpatient physiotherapy. How to treat lumbago with physical therapy? This files most often appointed by such procedures:

  • Acupuncture;
  • Paraffin-ozokerite applications;
  • Laser therapy;
  • Magnetic therapy;
  • Homeosiniatry – point injection lekarstvennogo;
  • Electrophoresis;
  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

Treatment of lumbago at home requires prescription medicines, the establishment of a correct mode of the day, perform the procedures that are contributing to the warming of the lower back and improved circulation.

In a sudden acute attack of pain shows the adoption of horizontal position on a hard surface. For relaxation of the muscles of the back legs should be elevated on the pillow.

To minimize the pain requires the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: diclofenac, voltaren, ibuprofen. To relieve muscle spasms assign spazmolitin. Numb and anti-inflammatory effect also dimexide.

obezbolivaushie preparaty pri prostrelah v poyasnice

Spin will no longer feel the acute pain when putting on a bandage with the drug.

So, if you have strong pain, then prescribe procaine blockade and corticosteroids to address the inflammation. If the pain is tolerable, then the lower back is treated with warming ointments: Ketoprofen Fastum gel or voltaren. They are applied to clean and dry skin accompanying the application with massage. To the ointment did not cause irritation, it is necessary to mix with fat cream.

To the patient is not worsened the situation recommended the use of light antidepressants. They reduce anxiety and normalize sleep. Also shows the assignment of the b vitamins.

The provision of peace and the observance of dietary regime is a guarantee for a speedy recovery. Therefore, you should give up foods that contribute to fluid retention in the body. These products include: salty and spicy foods, sweets, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

The use of folk remedies

In lumbago treatment can be carried out with the help of medicine. Use hot compresses, rubbing, tinctures and decoctions. For internal use prepared herbal. This fee may include: sweet clover, horsetail, calendula and plantain. The ingredients are ground, mixed, and pour boiling water. To 1 liter of water requires 4 tablespoons of herbs. Then strain and drink half a Cup three times a day after meals.

kak ustranit bol v spine doma

No less effective collection of: Angelica root, nettle, peppermint, cranberries, hops. Prepared and adopted a solution similar to the first.

RUB the back with tincture is recommended on the basis of the plums with the addition of the seed kernels. This tincture is prepared a week. Rubbing his back barcocim fat has a good effect. Only after the procedure, the lower back should be warm.

Herbal compresses

Herbal compresses help to relax and warm the back. In the case that the lumbago was caused by hypothermia, can help the composition of burdock and birch leaves. For a "hard" warmup, suitable horseradish, mixed with vegetable oil. Vasodilation induced warming will cause more blood flow and thus speed healing.


If this is the first lumbago, or its cause does not requiremedical intervention, you can use decoctions of herbs. Why? They have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic effect. Herbs drink course for the 1st two weeks, even after pain. This enables you to fix and improve the effectiveness of treatment.

As an alternative, you can use alcohol tincture of the same herbs. They will additionally help to expand blood vessels, and as a consequence faster to deliver therapeutic agents to the desired area.

The most commonly used elderberry, plantain and lavender. Because they help prevent inflammation. For pain suitable herbs and tinctures of eucalyptus and cranberry leaves. They will replace some ibuprofen or Bank menovazin.

As not to aggravate the situation

A cross the waist is a dangerous syndrome. In order not to damage home treatment during this period is strictly prohibited:

  • SuperCool back;
  • Carry weights;
  • Affect the lower back rotational or translational movements;
  • To catch up.

The cross back is not a terrible thing, but if he appears in your life more and more, it's worth thinking about. Sometimes lumbago is the result of dislocated cartilage. Each time the back is going through serious stress, dislocation only intensified.

If the cause of lumbago is dislocation or sprain it is necessary to consult a doctor. Otherwise, to resort to folk methods of treatment have increasingly.

Remember, a healthy lower back – the key to a healthy spine. The inability to correctly keep your back in mind lumbago changes your posture and as a consequence can cause curvature of the spine.