First aid for sciatica lumbar spine

Acute sciatica – inflammation of the spinal cord roots, due to the destruction of the cartilage structures of the spine. Depending on the localization of damaged nerve processes, sciatica can be cervical, thoracic, lumbar or sacral lumbago. Lumbago is the most common type, as it is the lumbosacral spine is experiencing the greatest load. The dominance in society of a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that sciatica younger.

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The most frequent age at which the disease appears now, 30 – 40 years. The vast majority, after the first acute attack, sciatica becomes chronic, when the periods of remission followed by periods of acute symptoms. Signs of lumbar sciatica is an acute pain at movement and at rest, may worsen with coughing and sneezing. The pain is irreversi (gives in the leg or groin), tinea character.

Initial actions

Treatment of sciatica should be performed by a neurologist and consists of a whole range of activities. Before going to the health facility or the arrival of the doctor it is necessary to provide the person with an attack of acute sciatica first aid. First aid for sciatica lumbar begins with immobilization of the lower back. Need to minimize the mobility of the waist, you can wear a special corset or brace. If not, you should tightly wrap the waist of the diaper or other improvised means.

Then you need to lie on your back and lift your little foot (this pose promotes relaxation of the muscles of the back and faster relief). The back should not SAG, so the surface on which lies a man with acute sciatica should not be soft, is medium hardness. To that end, the back often enclose sheets of plywood, thick cardboard or lie on the floor, provided that it's warm.

The limitation in the lumbar spine and physical activity is the main recommendation throughout the treatment period.

Medication assistance

The next step is to take painkillers. If you have the opportunity to make a better shot than taking pills. This is due to the fact that drug action after injection is faster. For effective pain relief for sciatica approach:

  • Preparations on the basis of Ketorolac – Ketorolac, Ketanov, Dolac, Ketolong;
  • Tramadol – Tramal, Tramalgin, Tramadol, Herds,Protrader.

To improve the efficiency of medicines and the best muscle relaxation, you can take antispasmodics. You can use pills or injections on the basis of drotaverine (Nosh-PA, Drotaverine, Spasma), as well as suppositories or injections of Papaverine. Antispasmodic action also have a vasodilator ointment Helps and eye drops.


Together with painkillers you need to use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the lumbar region in the form of ointments (Ulusal, Ketoprophen, Fastum, Airtel, Nise). The effect of local anti-inflammatory drugs supported by tablets or injections (Diclofenac, Indomethacin, Nimesulide, Ketoprofen).

To preserve the therapeutic effect necessary to take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs at equal intervals of time (specified in the instructions) during the entire acute period of the disease. If it is not possible to regularly take pills or injections, you can use painkillers and anti-inflammatory patches:

  • Good and quick analgesic and anti-inflammatory action at the same time has an innovative plaster Nanoplast;
  • Anti-inflammatory patches based on Voltaren of diclofenac, Diclofenac-Ratiopharm Versatis or lidocaine, Emla, PARAPAN.

Do not forget that the use of plasters used in addition to tablets or injections, not instead of them.

Help folk remedies

From folk remedies in first aid with sciatica lumbar you can use the ointment with the addition of the venom of bees and snakes (I experienced an unexpected side effect, Cobratoxan, We, Millionen).


Proven pain patches on the herbal training camp, used in Chinese traditional medicine, not effective and Zhong Bang.

From the available tools in the fight against sciatica is used:

  • Packs of garlic (throw in a couple of minutes, large garlic cloves in boiling water, then crushed to make a poultice) and radish (grated radish is applied to the site of pain in a compress), horse chestnut (chestnuts ground into flour, mixed with camphor oil and put a compress);
  • Rubbing alcohol tinctures of burdock and Valerian;
  • Ointment from bodyagi (powder concoctions, which you can buy at the pharmacy, mixed with vegetable oil to a pulp and smeared the lumbar region);
  • Bath (water temperature 36 – 37 ° C) with a decoction of yarrow or mustard powder. Brew 2 tablespoons boats of yarrow in a glass of water or dissolved by the same volume of water 2 cups of mustard powder and add to bath;
  • Rubbing essential oils of rosemary, pine, Arnica, St. John's wort;
  • To draw on the back of the net with an alcoholic solution of iodine.

Take note: exercises for sciatica lumbar

Natiraniya efirnymi maslami

When is first aid for sciatica, especially folk remedies, it must be remembered that any warming procedures are strictly contraindicated.

Sciatica is by nature inflammatory process, which increases under the action of heat, further complicating the treatment, and facilitates the transition of sciatica chronic. If you have symptoms of sciatica lumbar, promptly contact your doctor and do not self-medicate. This will help to avoid complications and disease transition in the chronic form.