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Sore tailbone during pregnancy on early and later stages, causes

Pain in the tailbone during pregnancy is one of the most common complaints of expectant women. In some cases this problem with the spine is considered a sign of disease, all the rest is commonplace.

CHto delat, esli bolit kopchik pri beremennosti?

The source of the problem

Pain and discomfort in the coccyx can vary in nature occur, and occur in mild or acute form. Consider the reasons why coccyx pain during pregnancy, which are the most common.

Associated with pregnancy

Already at an early stage of pregnancy the woman begins to produce the hormone relaxin, which soften connective tissues in the joints and ligaments. When you increase this hormone will be a gradual deviation of the coccyx back that can cause sharp pain.

In the second trimester the growing uterus leads to the increase of the Sacro-uterine ligaments, the tension of the pelvis and tailbone. This hypertrophy creates protective mechanisms for gestation, but at the same time may provoke pain in the coccyx. When threatened spontaneous abortion, the tailbone will make itself felt an intense stabbing pain that radiates down the abdomen with a certain frequency and regularity.

During pregnancy the coccyx can be disturbed due to the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, namely Mg and Ca.

In the last months of pregnancy, the pain can be especially amplified due to the fact that the head of the fetus presses on the coccyx, inducing unpleasant sensations in the coccyx can become pregnant even laughing or sneezing.

pochemu bolit kopchik pri beremennosti

Associated with injuries

A tailbone injury that happened throughout a woman's life. Even if the expectant mother was hit in his youth, for example, when falling from a swing, and at the time of the injury much pain was during pregnancy the coccyx "remember" an old injury. After untreatable fractures, luxations and subluxations of the coccyx, performed operations the pain in the coccyx will be particularly strong.

Tailbone hurts when a pregnant woman long sitting at the computer or in other things, and also when standing up from a sitting position.

Various diseases of the rectum, constipation or diarrhea, and diseases of the genitourinary system – the possible causes of pain in the coccyx pregnant, which can increase at the time of defecation. If the pelvic area has a malignant tumor, coccyx will start to ache early on in pregnancy.

Failures in the neuromuscular apparatus of the pelvic floor and pinched nerve near the tailbone can give the pain to him. In the second half of pregnancy in many women is evident damage to the sciatic nerve, especially the coccygeal pain intensified at night and during hypothermia.

The nature of the pain

Depending on the causes and mechanisms of pain syndrome moms different ways to describe pain in the tailbone during pregnancy. They are stupid and pulling, sharp, sharp and stabbing, paroxysmal and permanent. Sometimes the pain in the coccyx occurs when you sit, you begin to stand up or bend over when walking or prolonged standing in one place.

In some women the pregnancy is very easy, and pathogenic symptoms were alarming rarely, the coccyx whines constantly and unbearable. The pain may radiate to the rectum, the pelvis, the lower part of the belly, pull in the perineum or lower limbs. For example, some patients do complain of inability to move due to the movement of pain from the tailbone one or two right feet.

bolit spina u zhenshiny

Relief of pain syndrome

If you visit the doctor, nothing serious was not detected, pain in the tailbone during pregnancy can be seen as a normal variant. To ease the pain syndrome use proven tips:

  • Physical therapy, exercises on the fitball, gymnastics and yoga for pregnant women – the perfect solution to get rid ofunpleasant symptoms of pain and improve your overall health. Regular performance of a number of physical exercises will help a woman easily and to feel confident even in the last months of pregnancy, get rid of lower back pain and the coccyx.
  • Warm compresses and aromatic baths with essential oils will release tension and reduce pain.
  • Professional massage and acupuncture at a reception at the chiropractor or physiotherapist will give excellent results, important to obtain permission from the attending gynecologist.
  • When the end of the first trimester, you can try to wear a special bandage for pregnant women – it reduces stress on bones and muscles of expectant mothers.
  • If there are problems with a chair, they definitely need to be addressed. For that, follow the principles of good nutrition and improving digestion, in cases of constipation appropriate to the reception of light laxative, but only on the advice of a doctor.
  • Almost all 9 months to forget about the shoes and boots with high heels – it is necessary to give preference to comfortable and convenient above flats or small wedges.
  • Change your body position – sitting too long without movement is prohibited. If a pregnant office work necessary every half an hour to get up from your seat and walk to warm up. When the inevitability of prolonged sitting from the woman should always be had with an inflatable ring or a small soft pillow.
  • Need to sleep on a relatively hard and smooth surface, soft bed and pillow will only aggravate the situation. The ideal option would be orthopedic mattress.

Most drugs for pregnant women is forbidden, so if you want to drink pills or apply analgesic ointment, you must consult with your gynecologist.

Traditional medicine

When our ancestors encountered the question "sore tailbone during pregnancy and what to do", they immediately turned to unconventional methods of treatment. Folk remedies have long proved effective, acting on disturbing the area of the body as antispasmodics and analgesics. The mechanisms of most of them though effective, are not fully established, so the decision to use traditional medicine, you should definitely consult with a gynecologist or physician.

If a sore tailbone during pregnancy due to physiological changes, the state will facilitate:

  • Analgesic poultice. Apply to the affected area fresh leaves of burdock in 4-5 layers or cooled broth 2 tbsp geranium. The procedure is repeated for 3 weeks, then 10 days break and repeat the course.
  • Analgesic ointment. In equal proportions mix Shilajit with honey and rubbed into the tailbone. There is also the option of acetic honey ointment in the proportion of 1:2. For a noticeable performance need 7-10 treatments.
  • A soothing bath. Lying in hot water is contraindicated, but the warm sitz baths with a decoction of the leaves of geranium 15-20 minutes is able to relieve pain.

Pregnancy without pain in the coccyx

Those who do not experience any discomfort when carrying the future baby. Others suffer from toxemia, low blood pressure and pain in the back. Sometimes your tailbone hurts so much that travels to the legs, pulls back, it hurts to walk and sit, and the doctor during the examination discovers nothing serious – pelvis expands and the body to prepare for childbirth.

In this case, you just need to endure, in parallel trying to reduce the symptom of the above tips. Pregnancy and pain in the coccyx – has to go hand in hand, and after childbirth exhausting and annoying uncomfortable symptoms will disappear by themselves. And remember, if you experience pain syndrome should immediately visit the doctor's office, he will assess the condition of the expectant mother and prescribe appropriate treatment.